What Makes Ketamine Treatment Different?

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hat Makes Ketamine Treatment Different

Treating depression is no easy task. You have to take into account the needs of the patient and what might be the cause of their depression. Whether it be a chemical imbalance in their brains or some other underlying issue, you have to be sure that your treatment will be effective. This is where ketamine treatment comes in.

How Ketamine Treatment is Different

Living with depression is a crippling experience. You won’t have the will to do much and will generally be irritable to those around you. So finding treatment for people with this disorder is top priority to be able to give them their lives back. One of these methods is using ketamine treatment to help with their depression. But how exactly does ketamine treatment differ from your run of the mill antidepressants and other types of therapies? We’ll be answering that question today with this article.

Ketamine Acts Faster and Lasts Longer 

Most antidepressants will take a fairly long time to take effect after the first treatment. It can take up to four weeks of antidepressant treatment to even show any signs of working. Ketamine treatment is different however. Most patients who receive ketamine treatment will begin to feel relief within a few days or even hours of the treatment. This is unheard of in the history of treating depression. The best part is that a single treatment can last for a week before the relieving effects start to wear off. Unlike standard antidepressants that last less than a few days, ketamine is around to help you fight depression for longer. 

There Are Very Few Long Lasting Side Effects

Most antidepressants will have a host of side effects that a person with depression will have to deal with. From nausea to insomnia, these side effects can make it difficult for a patient to continue antidepressant treatment. Ketamine does have it’s own side effects like dissociation and hallucinations. However, these side effects rarely happen and if they do happen, last only as long as the treatment session. 

It Works Differently From Other Antidepressants

Antidepressants can have a large effect on your day to day life. Ketamine however, has a much less intrusive way of helping you deal with depression just by being different in a certain way. This way is it provides relief to those with depression. Unlike other antidepressants that need to stay in the system for as long as possible to take effect, ketamine starts working once it leaves your system. This means that you will feel the side effects only during the treatment session and will have nothing but the benefits once the session is over. 

It’s Effective Even if You Have Treatment Resistant Depression

Treatment resistant depression can be very difficult to manage when compared to regular depression. Treatment resistant depression is just what it says on it’s title. It is resistant to most antidepressant treatments. Except for one. If you guessed that it’s ketamine treatment then you’re absolutely correct. The main reason for this effectiveness is that it targets different receptors in your brain when compared to other antidepressants. These receptors are easier to manipulate and this provides ketamine an easier channel to ease depression.

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