What are The Habits That Can Affect Your Mental Health?

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We all have bad habits, whether it’s something small or big, we always try to hide them in hopes of getting rid of them in the future. No matter how big or small the bad habit is, it tends to affect our mental health one way or another. 

To help address this, we’ve listed a few bad habits that you might be doing that are affecting your mental health.

Using Your Phone Too Much

You might think that using your phone too much isn’t a bad habit, however, using your phone too much or being attached to it can negatively affect your mental health. We know that it’s hard to sometimes put down your phone, but by not doing so, you’re missing out on the real world. 

Not only that, social media can become a source of negativity since it’s full of unrealistic expectations that your “should” follow. This can affect how you negatively see yourself. Try to give yourself a phone/social media detox once in a while and mingle with your friends and family to catch up with them outside social media and your phone.

Sleeping Too Little or Too Much

Sleeping too much or too little can affect your mood. You’ll start to feel a lot more stressed, angry, fatigued, and irritable. It is a cycle of negative feelings which will agitate you. So, it’s important to get the right amount of sleep everyday.

Staying In Toxic Relationships 

Staying in toxic relationships will lead you to dismiss your mental health and just focus on the other persons’ feelings instead of yours. Although it is important to think of other people’s feelings but not at the cost of yours.

The majority of toxic relationships, whether it’s a romantic, platonic, digital relationship, are full of anger, abuse, betrayal, and sabotage. 

So, for your mental health to improve, get away from any toxic relationship. And when you’re ready, forgive them. You don’t have to directly say that you forgive them, but just give yourself the feeling of forgiveness to free your heart from those toxic people.

Staying Too Angry 

Staying too angry all the time can lead to a lot of negative feelings which can then negatively affect your mental health. Anger can start to slowly eat you inside. Staying angry at a partner, friend, etc. for too long will sabotage your relationship. Also, getting angry at small things will negatively affect your daily life. 

Try to control your anger and get rid of any negative thoughts. Try breathing in and out to calm yourself and think rationally before going into a blind rage.

Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s easy to compare yourself to a lot of people, especially with everyone on social media posting their achievements and highlights of their lives. You’ll start to second-guess yourself and doubt yourself since you’re comparing your success to other peoples’ success.

However, don’t forget that everyone has their own time. Plus, the majority don’t post their hardships or their lives’ behind-the-scenes. So don’t get too caught up in other people’s lives and start living yours.

Final Thoughts

A lot of bad habits can affect your mental health which can then affect your quality of life. So, before your bad habits take over your life, try to pinpoint them and address them. 

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