Understanding Panic Attacks and What You Can Do About Them

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What can you do for Panic Attacks

Mental health issues are a global issue that needs attention. However, one particular type of mental health concern is commonly ignored: panic attacks or anxiety disorder. They can be a major hindrance to the daily life of an individual. However, it isn’t well understood by a vast majority of people.

What You Need to Know About Panic Attacks

One of the first ways to be able to fix the issue of panic attacks is being able to understand what it is, what causes it and how it affects a person. We’ve compiled a few things you should know in order to effectively understand and subsequently deal with it.

Panic Attacks Can Be Triggered from Out Of Nowhere

Panic attacks are a major cause for concern for many individuals not just because of its severity, but also due to how random they can hit. Imagine this: one moment you’re walking in a park only for your breathing to become labored and an impending sense of dread looms over you for no apparent reason. This can be a major problem because a person’s actions and thought process is brought to a screeching halt. 

It Can Cause Physical Distress Alongside Mental Distress

Panic attacks may seem like they only affect the mental wellness of a person, however it can also affect a person physically. Constant experiencing it has been known to cause muscle tension that can cause a person to constantly feel stiff. 

There Are a Number Of Causes for It

One thing that should be noted about panic attacks is the fact that it can be caused by a number of things. Constant stress, genetics and a person’s inherent temperament can all be the cause of it recurring. Regardless of the reason for a panic attack, it is a problem that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Available Solutions to Panic Attacks

Like the number of causes for panic attacks, there are also a number of ways a person can be cured of it. However, these solutions can be broken down into two categories: therapy and medication.


Therapy is arguably the most effective way to help someone who is dealing with panic attacks. In this treatment method, a person interacts with a professional who can help them overcome whatever is causing it. It is especially effective if the reason for them is past trauma or another mental disorder that is affecting a person.


The second category of treatment is medication. As the name suggests, medication is given to an individual in order to suppress them. Its effectiveness can vary, but it is generally more effective when paired with professional therapy.

One factor that remains constant in these two treatment solutions is the professional. You will always want to have a licensed professional administering therapy and medication in order to get the most out of treatment. CNS Center Arizona provides the best professional treatment when it comes to handling mental health concerns. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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