The Worst Habits you Need to Break For Your Mental Health

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Worst Habits for metal health

Everyone will have habits and hobbies that they will enjoy in their free time. They are great for de-stressing and helping you get by. However there are a number of habits that could prove to be problematic to your mental health. These habits’ impact on your mental health will often be felt long after you’ve stopped so you need to make sure that you stop these habits before it’s too late.

Terrible Habits That Affect Your Mental Health

There are a few habits that you should break before they severely affect your mental health. These habits all share a common theme in that they affect one aspect of your life and it leaks into your mental health. So we’ve made a list of these habits you should avoid in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Frequently Drinking Alcoholic Drinks 

One of the worst habits to have is to frequently take in alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks are known for damaging a person’s mental capacity in a number of ways. The biggest way alcohol can hurt a person’s mental health is how it directly changes a person’s brain chemistry. 

Your brain is a sensitive organ that makes you who you are. Alcohol has an effect on the brain that rewires it and causes dependency on alcohol. This is where most of the mental health problems from alcohol stem from.

Neglecting Exercise

Another bad habit that a person that can cause a decline in a person’s mental health is neglecting exercise. Exercise is a great way to keep yourself physically healthy. However, it also helps your brain to release hormones that help you relax and de-stress. This includes endorphins and dopamine. Neglecting exercise could mean that your body isn’t producing enough of these hormones that are keeping you mentally sane. 

Overeating and Binge Eating

The food that you eat each day is what can keep you going throughout everything you need to do. However, there are some that enjoy eating too much to the point that it becomes a bad habit. 

Overeating and binge eating are examples of this, and it can affect a person’s mental health indirectly. Your body runs off of the food that you eat, however, overeating and binge eating puts in too much food into your system that your body simply can’t process and consume. Excess nutrients are either wasted or stored which could lead to obesity. However, the main issue comes from the chemicals, fats, and preservatives included in the food that people like to gorge themselves on. These chemicals, fats and preservatives can severely affect a person’s mental health.

Sitting for Prolonged Periods of Time

Sitting by itself is a relatively harmless thing that everyone will be doing. However, issues start to arise if a person starts sitting for extremely long periods of time. Teens who have been found to be sitting for extended periods of time have a higher chance of depression. The study found that an extra hour of just sitting could lead to a 10% higher risk of depression.

Final Thoughts

Each of us has our own list of habits. However, some of these habits are a danger to our mental health. So we need to make sure that we avoid these habits to stay mentally healthy!

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