The Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

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Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

Every day we go about our lives and fail to notice that many people suffer from the experiences they’ve had in their lives. These unfortunate people were the victims of accidents, acts of terror, or generally traumatizing events. This can cause them to be helpless and unable to cope with the nightmares they constantly experience. No one is safe from PTSD and it will affect children and the elderly alike. This is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. 

The Signs of PTSD

PTSD has many signs and symptoms that a person will go through. Some will be more obvious than others. PTSD in children can be more dangerous as their personality and outlook can be affected by the trauma. Regardless of the symptoms, a person with PTSD needs to go through therapy to live their lives normally again

Avoiding Places or Events 

This avoidance is directly tied to the cause of their PTSD. Many who experience PTSD show this symptom whenever they’re presented with a situation where they’re forced to redo the action that caused their trauma.

For example, if they’re a survivor of a car crash, they’ll actively avoid driving or riding in a car. They’ll show varying degrees of distress whenever they ride a vehicle and many will opt for alternative methods of transportation. This active avoidance of activities and places can be detrimental to their daily lives.

Nightmares and Negative Thoughts

These can come in several ways and almost always distress a person with PTSD. The worst part is that these negative thoughts and nightmares can cause other disorders. From nightmares to flashbacks, people with PTSD will suffer from anything from insomnia to mental breakdowns in public. So it is important to make sure that they don’t relive any part of their trauma as it can worsen their symptoms.

Depressive Outlook

PTSD can be considered a type of depression and its symptoms can easily show why. PTSD shares many symptoms with mainstream unipolar depression. These thoughts can easily lead to a downward spiral that can be difficult to escape from. Many people with it will have difficulty enjoying their lives. Many will also lose pleasure in the hobbies they had before their trauma.

Suicidal Thoughts

It is common for people who go through PTSD to think of ending it all. This can be the deadliest symptom of it as a number of these people will listen to the voices telling them to end the suffering. Even children can have this symptom. The worst part is that this can be harder to identify in children as many will not directly speak about it as an adult would.  

What Can You Do?

PTSD is a chronic disorder and can be difficult to tackle alone. Many who suffer from it rarely ever seek help on their own and need the push of loving relatives to be able to get the help they need. It’s important to seek the help of a professional when you notice that a family member or friend is starting to show symptoms of it. The earlier help is called, the easier it becomes to cure it. This is especially true in children as they can carry their trauma into their adulthood and can negatively affect their personality and outlook on life.

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