The Side Effects of Antidepressant Treatment

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Side Effects of Antidepressant Treatment

When you’re dealing with a disorder like depression, you’re going to want all the help you can get. One of these is antidepressant treatment. However, did you know that antidepressant treatment comes with its own risks that can affect you over a long period of time?

What Are the Risks of Antidepressant Treatment?

As with many types of medication, antidepressant treatment comes with  their own set of side. These can range from minor inconveniences to major problems depending on how your body reacts to it. 


This is one of the most common side effects that can stem from antidepressant treatment. Nausea can come from two different parts of an antidepressant. You either feel nauseous when you start treatment as it messes with your body’s delicate balance, or it starts after you stop your antidepressant treatment. Either way, this side effect can be mildly annoying or severe to the point that a person has to stop antidepressant treatment.


Insomnia is another major side effect that many patients can encounter if they take antidepressants. Lack of sleep could cause you to be tired throughout your day. This hampers your ability to do your responsibilities and enjoy the rest of your day. Like nausea, it can also occur if you suddenly stop taking antidepressants so it’s best to slowly reduce antidepressant intake if you do intend to stop.


Fatigue can come from either the antidepressant itself, or from insomnia. Either way, it can be generally difficult to do everything you need to do if you’re fatigued due to antidepressant use. The main reason why you can suddenly become fatigued by antidepressants is that it affects your central nervous system. Some patient’s bodies will struggle to adapt to the antidepressants, and can cause fatigue.

Loss of Appetite or Increased Appetite

A person’s appetite is heavily affected by their body’s chemical balance. With antidepressants present in your system, you could experience one of two things. You will either notice that you don’t have much of an appetite anymore, or you can end up having an increased appetite. Neither is healthy in the long run as you either get too little or too much food into your system. This messes with your body’s natural processes further and can be very difficult to gain or lose weight during antidepressant treatment/

What’s Your Alternative?

You have a number of alternatives that can be substituted for true antidepressant treatment. However, one stands tall as one of the best substitutes when it comes to treating depression and anxiety. This is called Ketamine infusion treatment. Ketamine is similar to antidepressants in that it can help a person with depression. However, it comes with very few side effects that can hamper a person’s day to day life.

Ketamine works after leaving your system and it doesn’t have to stick around for you to experience relief from anxiety and depression. This means that you don’t have to take it in as regularly as regular types of antidepressants. 

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