The Main Causes of Depression

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Main causes of depression

A big problem in today’s society is the fact that depression can strike from out of nowhere. One moment you’re feeling fine, the next you’re feeling depressed. And this can cause a problem for your productivity in your day to day life. You could start feeling the effects while you work or with family and it can be a hassle. 

What Can Cause Depression

Before we get into the solutions to depression, we should explore why a person can develop it. Prevention is better than cure, and the better your understanding of this disorder, the easier it is for you to avoid it or identify it before it gets worse. 

Hereditary Factors

The most difficult way you can develop depression is through genetic factors. The fact that a predisposition to it is in your DNA could mean that you will have an easier time developing this disorder. However, you should remember that this is just a predisposition and not it itself. It just makes it easier for you to develop depression, it doesn’t mean that you will develop depression.

Trauma and Disasters

One of the most common ways that a person can develop depression is if they experienced a life changing event directly or indirectly. These events could affect a person’s outlook in life or start a change in a person’s personality. This can be a drastic change as well. One example is abuse and neglect as a child. Abuse and neglect can affect the growth and development of a child and they could end up becoming depressed adults if they aren’t given the help they need.

Substances Like Drugs or Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are some of the biggest culprits of causing depression in adults that abuse them. This is because of how these substances affect how the mind of an individual works. Addiction and withdrawal can be dangerous by themselves but are made even more dangerous if a person develops depression during it. These substances seemingly cure it for a short while, however it can cause even more major problems down the line as someone becomes dependent on these substances.

Other Mental Disorders

Other mental disorders can also cause depression in another person. These are called comorbid disorders and they both feed into each other. Both or more disorders can make a person’s life extremely difficult as they will have a hard time coping with both their disorders and day to day life. Some common combinations between depression include PTSD, generalized anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. 

What Solutions To Depression Do You Have?

There are a large number of solutions available to people with depression. However, the best solution to any mental disorder is always professional assistance. Home solutions can only do so much against a mental disorder like it and it can be difficult to beat alone. Having a professional help you manage your it is better than self medicating or using solutions that may not help you. CNS Center Arizona gives the best professional assistance to those experiencing mental disorders like depression or generalized anxiety disorders. Contact us today for a consultation!

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