The Benefits of Ketamine Treatment For Depression

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Ketamine Treatment For Depression

Depression is a crippling mental disorder that many around the globe are dealing with. Especially with the pandemic wreaking havoc everywhere. This is why a large number of individuals are looking for the best ways to minimize the effect of depression on their daily life. One of these effective solutions is using ketamine treatment.

What Makes Ketamine Treatment Different and Effective?

You may be wondering what makes ketamine treatment such a wonderful treatment for depression. You’ve come to the right place, because we will be going over why you should try using it to treat depression.

It Works After It Leaves The Body, Unlike Other Medications

One of the biggest benefits of using ketamine over other antidepressant medications is because of how it works. Unlike most medications like fluoxetine, or fluvoxamine that takes effect while it’s in your system, ketamine works the exact opposite way. Relief happens after it is flushed out of your system. This has a range of benefits like not needing as much maintenance as other medications while also minimizing long term side effects.

Ketamine Takes Very Little Time to Take Effect

Most antidepressants aren’t a miracle cure that can give relief within hours. It takes days of constant medication to be able to see any effects. Ketamine, on the other hand, takes very little time to help treat depression. Some patients for ketamine treatment even experience relief just a few hours from the end of treatment.

Ketamine Has Long Lasting Effects

Another advantage of ketamine treatment for depression is how it’s effects last a very long time. Other medications need constant maintenance in order to stay effective. Stopping intake of these medications will cause the effects to wear off as soon as it leaves your system. At the very least you’re going to see a week of relief with just a single ketamine treatment. That relief can last for around two weeks in some cases. 

Side Effects are Minimal For Ketamine Treatment 

Most people who are looking to treat their depression are aware of the side effects that many medications have. These side effects can include hallucinations, vomiting, nausea and many more. The problem with most of these medications is that you will be experiencing these side effects as long as you’re taking them in. This isn’t the case for ketamine treatment. 

We won’t hide the fact that ketamine treatment has similar side effects to other medications. However, you will only experience these side effects during the treatment itself that lasts no more than thirty minutes to an hour at most. Add in the fact that ketamine treatment lasts for more than a week and you have a recipe for success when treating depression.

Final Thoughts

Ketamine treatment is a quick and easy way to keep depression in check without the problems of other conventional medications. However, the effectiveness of the treatment is always dependent on the professionals administering it. CNS Center Arizona has professionals that can make your Ketamine treatments quick and effective. Contact us today to book a treatment!

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