Diagnosable mental disorder graph


According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately one in four people are afflicted with a psychiatric disorder.

and one in seventeen suffers from a serious psychiatric disorder

Furthermore, many who receive such a diagnosis also suffer from more than one disorder at a time. Diseases and disorders of the mind affect not only one’s health and sense of well-being but also the lives of family and friends.

Improving the lives of those suffering from psychiatric and behavioral disorders is what we strive to achieve at the CNS Center of Arizona. Our psychiatrists specialize in severe and dual neuropsychiatric disorders. They understand and care for the patient medically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. They teach what they know to patients and their families. This approach, we have found, helps empower patients to manage their lives, over time, and achieve the best outcome possible. Our approach at CNS Center of Arizona is a collaborative model of care involving other professionals and therapists. We expect patients who are currently in therapy to maintain contact with their primary therapist.

We are characterized by a commitment to integrate a full range of theoretical perspectives and educational, scholarly, and clinical efforts that are evidence-based with scientific data, and work in close collaboration with other centers of excellence that optimize the unique strengths and expertise of each entity. We offer flexible hours for arranging appointments in order to accommodate for the various schedules of our patients. We provide afternoon and evening appointments on weekdays.