How Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Depression

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Teen depression has become a very serious problem over the years. Brought about by so many challenges in adolescence, it made even worse by the effects of social media. Their search for their own identity and sense of belonging is heightened by greater pressure to excel and make an impact. Parents are faced with an even bigger challenge of helping their teens cope with this growing stage and depression.

There are many hows parents can help and it’s not rocket science the problem is that most parents are from a different genre that reaching out to their teens is a very difficult task.

1.Be supportive emotionally and mentally.
According to studies they thrive and are better able to deal with stress if they know they have their parent’s full support. If they can talk to their parents freely about what is bothering them, it is a lot easier for them to thresh out the things that are bothering them. In the same way, it will be much easier for you to guide them and help them sort things out.

2.Help build their confidence.
Teenage is the most insecure stage in your children’s lives; it is important to help them develop their self-worth. Let them know you believe in what they can do. Support them instead of criticizing their efforts.

3.Make them feel a sense of control of things.
Although as parents we want to help them every step of the way, it is just as vital for their growth and confidence to allow them to do things on their own. Show them that you trust them to perform a certain task and you respect their authority over personal matters.

4.Become a role model for healthy living and lifestyle.
This holds true when you are mentoring even for your children. Actions speak louder than words. Be a good role model for your teenagers by living a healthy lifestyle. Observe routines, eat healthily, exercise regularly and build a strong spiritual faith.

No one is a perfect parent but no parent is ever left without an opportunity to become a good one. So try your best to be there for them and help them every step of the way, one step at a time.

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