How Antidepressant Treatment Helps

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Antidepressant Treatment Helps

Feeling depressed is one of the worst feelings in the world. You feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Luckily for those who are going through one of these bouts of depression there is a great solution for it: Antidepressant treatment.

What Pressures Can Cause Depression?

Most people have no idea how depression works. It’s not just feeling sad in the general sense, but rather their mind is experiencing pressure. This pressure can come from a number of sources. These sources can include:

Chemical Imbalances 

A chemical imbalance in the brain can cause a person affected to show a number of symptoms that can be considered depressive symptoms. Perpetual exhaustion or lack of energy is one of these and makes someone look like they’ve lost the will to live because they stay in bed for most of their day. These chemicals in your brain control how you function throughout the day and it can be difficult for your brain to properly do things when it has too much or too little to work with.

Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic experiences are one of the leading causes of depression and post traumatic stress disorder. The way it works is that the memory of the trauma sticks with them until they’re treated. Some of these memories can be especially haunting and can riddle a person with guilt. It’s no wonder many people who’ve been to war come home carrying extra baggage that causes them to become depressed.

The main difference between the both of these is that a person with chemical imbalance type depression doesn’t know why they feel tired or depressed. People with trauma caused depression or PTSD on the other hand, know exactly what’s making them feel depressed. However they refuse to acknowledge it.

How Does Antidepressant Treatment Help? 

Antidepressant treatment is a great way to help people who are experiencing depression and other related mental disorders. The way antidepressants work is that they help the neurotransmitters in your brain function for longer before being reabsorbed by your neurons. This makes it easier for thoughts and instructions to get around. 

Think of it this way, these neurotransmitters are like delivery people carrying instructions to other important parts of your brain. If they get “reabsorbed” while transporting those instructions, the instructions will never reach their intended destination and a new neurotransmitter has to carry the slack and do the trip all over again. This puts extra strain on your brain as it isn’t getting the instructions it needs and it has to expend extra energy on a new neurotransmitter. Antidepressants make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Antidepressants are an important part of treating depression alongside therapy. Antidepressants have a sixty percent success rate for treating depression when compared to placebos. However, it does have its limitations. One of these is that it works better, the more severe a case of depression is, the better it will work. Despite this however, antidepressant treatment remains as one of the best ways to fight off depression.

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