Everything You Need to Know About Ketamine

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Ketamine has been a miracle drug for many people suffering depression. It might not be a true miracle like walking on a cloud but if you’re suffering from depression then Ketamine treatment might as well be you standing on a cloud watching all your troubles float away. Sounds great right? But have you ever wondered how this incredible drug works and how much work it can put into curing depression?


Short Overview of Ketamine’s History

Ketamine was first created in the 1950s by Parke-Davis and Company. It wasn’t created as an antidepressant, but it was to be an anaesthetic to be used in operations to numb the pain of patients. It was initially used for veterinary purposes and was later approved for human use. It was safer when compared to other anaesthetics of the time and was the reason that it was used on the field during the Vietnam War in the 1970s.


Fast forward to today and Ketamine is now being used as an off the shelf anti-depressant when all other treatments fail. The FDA, however, has recently approved a brand new Ketamine nasal spray which can be used by people with depression without having to go out of their way to get an infusion. However, It isn’t as effective as an infusion so it isn’t a replacement for Ketamine treatment administered by a professional.  


How Ketamine Works

There are several theories on how Ketamine manages to cure depression. The first theory states that it specifically targets glutamate and keeps it from bonding to the patient’s NMDA receptors. Glutamate has been associated with mental illness cases like depression and schizophrenia. The second theory is that it binds to a patient’s Opioid receptors and induces a release of natural Opioids in the body.


The Unique Qualities of Ketamine

Ketamine is unique from other antidepressants not because of how it cures depression but because of how fast it achieves results and its ability to cure a diverse set of depressive symptoms.


All antidepressants target brain cells and regrow connections between them while also blocking certain receptors in the brain. Ketamine is no different from other antidepressants with the exception of acting several times faster than its competition. 


Unlike most antidepressant drugs which take several weeks to have an effect on a person’s mood, Ketamine works almost immediately after being administered. It takes just a few minutes to 24 hours to see a noticeable improvement in a depressed person’s mood. The positive effects of Ketamine treatment on a depressive patient can last for a week or more even though the Ketamine itself disappears from the patient’s system within a few hours into the treatment. 


Is Ketamine Safe?

The short answer is: Yes. Ketamine is a very safe antidepressant which can quickly and effectively help anyone with depression. Like many other drugs, Ketamine is only dangerous when it is abused so having a professional administer it is important to make sure that no complications arise from treatment. 


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