Bullying and It’s Effect on Child Mental Health

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Bullying effects child mental health

Bullying is a prevalent problem in schools. Larger children tend to target the smaller or weaker willed children. This is a problem for a number of reasons like physical harm and degradation of the affected child. But did you know that bullying has an effect on a child’s long term mental health?

How Bullying Can Affect a Child’s Mental Health

The effect of bullying on children can be a difficult topic because of how it is such a common occurrence in schools. However, it should be touched on so parents are aware of the danger that their children are in if they let bullying continue without any intervention. The worst part is that both the target child and the bully will be affected by the experience. We’re going to discuss these negative effects on a child’s mental health in this article.

Low Self Esteem

Every person will have their own level of self esteem. Most people will value themselves and be able to handle their lives with no problem. However, children who have to deal with constant bullying will often have very low self esteem. This can cause a number of problems in a child’s future as they have very little self worth and think that their lives don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Behavioral Problems

A child’s behavior is shaped by the environment that they’re in. Bullying often makes affected children’s environments more hostile and they will have problems dealing with it. Behavioral problems are common to see in both children who are being bullied and the bullies themselves. The former become loners and can have difficulty dealing with other individuals, while the latter often become aggressive and will deal with their problems with violence.  

Academic Problems 

Another issue that many children who are affected by bullying will have is that they will have trouble in their academics. These children will focus less on their academics and more on the bullying that they’re experiencing or inflicting on others. 

Children Will Have a Higher Chance of Developing Mental Health Issues

The biggest problem that children who are affected by bullying is that many of them will have a higher chance of developing mental health issues. These can include depression, anxiety and even PTSD. These mental health issues will stay with children who have experienced or inflicted bullying.

Final Thoughts

Bullying is a major issue for many parents and children. Not only can it lead to physical violence, but it can also severely affect a child’s future. The best way to beat bullying is to catch it as soon as possible to prevent any long term mental health problems from developing. However, if a child is already too far gone, then you need to make sure to look for professional assistance to minimize its effect on their life.

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