All Natural Ways To Fighting Depression

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Depression can be a crippling mental disorder to have and once you realize you have it you’d want to have it fixed as soon as possible. You might need medication to keep it from going out of hand, but did you now that there are all natural ways to help cure depression without swallowing a single pill? We’ll be exploring just how you can help yourself or someone you know fight back depression without the help of a medication. 

Why All Natural?

All natural is almost always better than taking in any form of laboratory made medication as they don’t come with the same crippling side effects of medications. These side effects are sometimes even more dangerous than the depression itself and can even lead to a dependance to the medication in extreme cases. These side effects can include


  • Allergies
  • Mania
  • Seizures
  • Increased Suicidal Thoughts
  • Physical Dependance


Despite these side effects, people who are desperate take these medications in the hopes that it will cure their depression for them. When they do work can only do so much and it needs to be supplemented by natural ways of fighting off depression to be truly effective.

Treating Depression: The Natural Way

Medications surely have their use but if you think that these medications might not be enough to handle your depression, then it’s best for you to find additional ways to help beat depression in more natural ways.


Set Goals and Choose a Direction 

When you have depression, it feels as though you’ve lost all direction in your life.  This makes you feel as though you’re accomplishing nothing and this makes you lose even more confidence and drive you deeper into the bottomless pit of depression. Setting a goal however, gives you a tangible objective to reach for and achieving it will be able to lift your mood, even just by a little bit. Start off small like cleaning your room and move on to more challenging tasks as your confidence grows.


Over time you’ll see just how far you’ve gotten from when you started setting goals and you’ll feel better about yourself and slowly climb yourself out of the hole that is depression. 


Eat, Exercise, and Sleep Well

Not having enough of these three will definitely make your depression worse as its your body’s normal response to not getting the necessary resources it needs to function. So it is important that you have enough food, exercise, and sleep to help you, help yourself.


Get enough to eat so that your blood sugar is stable. This keeps you from having mood swings throughout the day. You should also choose your diet as eating the right types of food can help tackle depression. Coffee, is one of these food items that can greatly help you in your battle against depression and has been proven to help people prevent the onset of depression.


Exercise helps your body release endorphins to not only stave off the exhaustion and pain from exercise but to also lift your mood. Exercise as little as 30 minutes every day to get a great mood boost


Sleep enough that you’re well rested and never oversleep as it can also throw your body off its regular balance. Don’t do anything strenuous or mentally taxing during the middle of the night. This can lead to you sleeping less and straining your mind. These can be a killer combo that will make you feel even worse about yourself when you wake up the next morning.



Most people with depression drop their group of friends as well so it is important to reconnect with them. People with depression might think that they’ve been rejected or avoided but it is a case of them overthinking the situation. So


Most people with depression drop their group of friends thinking that they’re being rejected or avoided. This is just a case of them overthinking the situation. It is best to encourage them to reconnect with their social group as “No man is an island”. They’ll be able to help lift the person’s mood and indirectly help him or her fight depression by just being there for him or her. 

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