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The Central Nervous System Center, P.L.L.C. (CNS Center of Arizona) seeks to promote patient-centered, comprehensive clinical care. CNS Center of Arizona pursues excellence in clinical and evidence-based initiatives in areas related to psychiatric disorders.

Our services include psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and individual psychotherapy.


We Provide Effective Treatment For The Following Conditions


Many users who were unable to find relief with other treatments, finally report a decrease in depression symptoms...


Many users report a sense of calm and well-being that they have not felt for a long time...


Ketamine infusion therapy offers immediate relief for those struggling with suicidal thoughts and suicidal behavior...


Chronic pain affects more than 100 million people in the United States and accounts for 20 percent of outpatient visits, 12 percent of all prescriptions...
What is Ketamine Treatment?

Aside from relieving pain and stress, Ketamine is used to help in the treatment of depression and other mental illnesses.

Ketamine has been highly effective in easing the symptoms of depression. Patients must normally take antidepressants for a few weeks before they begin to take effect. But for Ketamine, it only takes a few hours to work.
Recent studies suggest that it regrows connections in the brain responsible for higher order thinking, reasoning and memory. It also blocks certain types of brain receptors responsible for depression.

A significant percentage of patients suffering from depression do not experience an adequate level of relief from combinations of medication and/or antidepressants. Some cases of depression that have lasted for months and even years can be alleviated by Ketamine in just a few hours.

Ketamine treatment can be administered through oral or nasal spray and by IV infusion. However, Ketamine administration through IV infusion is the most successful among these.

What to Expect with Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Before a patient is treated with Ketamine therapy, an initial assessment is done to review overall health. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation of the patient. The patient will also have to undergo general physical and medical examinations.

When all the initial examinations and procedures are cleared, the patient should then be scheduled for the Ketamine treatment sessions.

The patient should be accompanied by a family member, spouse or friend during the infusion session. The session lasts for about an hour and is closely supervised by professionals. After the infusion, the patient should be given time to recover and a post-assessment is carried out by the medical staff before heading home.

Improvements with the depression symptoms can be noticeable in the days following the treatment. Follow-up sessions must be attended by the patient to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.